Environmental, health, and societal concerns are shaping the growing need of modern-day consumers to make conscious decisions and be in control of their well-being and appearance. Skincare is seeing a shift towards a desire for transparent, guilt-free ingredients and minimalist formulas (Good Beauty) and clean, high-efficacy products, backed by science and the scientific discoveries in cosmetics.

This calls for clean remedies from natural sources that are made extra powerful for skincare purposes with advanced biotech. Numerous studies have shown plants' ability to replenish themselves through self-renewal, generating cells with specific targeted effects.

Plant stem cells are the ultimate sources of new cells to grow and replenish specialized tissues. That's why stem cells in cosmetics are vital for skin regeneration on a cellular and tissue level.

The plant stem cells can create new organs by the process of cell stem division. All parts of the plant, including leaves, stems, flowers, and seeds have the ability to perform this process. This means that the stem cells in plants can be used for the longevity of the skin. Plants are sources of potent bioactive compounds, which have anti-aging properties. It stimulates and supports our body’s natural processes.

The ability of the plant kingdom to synthesize the gamut of chemical structures surpasses all the other groups of organisms. This makes them the biggest and the most dynamic source of natural remedies and alternatives to produce active ingredients in the fields of pharmacy, food, and cosmetics.

Sustainable Biotech Stem Cell Technology

The biologically active substances aren't readily available in the natural environment and can only be obtained through plant cell culture. Advanced plant tissue culturing techniques have made it possible to stimulate plant cells through clean and green biotechnology in a completely safe, sterile, toxin-free, and controlled lab environment.

Many people aren't aware of this surprising fact, but even some plants can naturally produce poisonous compounds to defend themselves against the attack of pathogens and herbivorous pests. Plant stem cells grown in lab sterile conditions are free of pathogens, allergens, pollutants, and every natural and external toxic compound. Innovative sustainable biotechnology uses 100% clean methods to naturally stimulate the plants to produce higher levels of their active compounds.

It is the green science that respects the nature and gives access to a plant grown in the wild without ever doing harm to the planet. Lab-grown or in other words in-vitro grown plant cells can completely regenerate the entire plant and that's why it can act as a bona fide alternative to produce cosmetic active ingredients.

Plant Stem Cells and Aging. What it is in for your skin?

When our DNA repair slows down with aging, it affects all the three layers of skin. Weakened skin texture, lose elasticity, and diminishing radiance, all are the symptoms of skin ageing from internal factors. Free radicals and UV-induced environmental damage hinder the production of collagen and elastin and damage the lipid barrier responsible for maintaining skin hydration, firmness, and softness. 

The strengthening, formation of lipid barriers, and renewal of the cells in the epidermis and dermis are possible even after a certain age. Studies have again and again proved the outstanding anti-aging properties of the plant stem cells. The powerful antioxidant agent in it, kinetin, is highly effective in rebuilding damaged epidermis and increasing its flexibility, activating DNA repair, boosting collagen production and protecting against UV radiation and oxidative stress. The result – visibly younger-looking skin.

Here are some key benefits of using stem cells in high-tech skincare

  • Stem cells' ability to stimulate fibroblasts to produce and repair collagen in the human cells, their hydrating, antioxidant and repairing potential, make them an extremely effective solution to reverse the signs of aging.
  • Even used at minimal concentrations in the cosmetic products, the multifaceted deep-penetrating molecules from plant cell extracts can activate and enhance the natural processes in the skin desirably, as well as significantly improve the nutrient transportation in the cells and help the skin to be at its best self.
  • What is also great about is that the advancement of biotechnology allows for the extraction of more than one active ingredient from different parts of the plant cells, thus, offering actives with different penetration abilities that target all skin layers.
  • What’s more, the extraction of active compounds is a clean and more sustainable approach to skincare, making it possible to produce potent stem cell extracts free of pathogens and environmental contamination – a gentle and extremely beneficial solution for sensitive skin. The production is highly sustainable without a drop of chemicals or synthetic preservatives and also standardized, which guarantees the extracts’ high potency from batch to batch.

Our proprietary bioengineered Youth-restoring Orpheus Flower Cell Peptide Complex™ combines the best of biotechnology and naturally derived ingredients and it’s the backbone of our high-efficacy formulas. This antioxidant-rich stem cell complex is a powerful combo of three concentrated bioactives that work in tandem to rejuvenate, protect, and plump skin on every layer. Green plant science allowed us to use the highest concentration of the Resurrection flower extract and fortify it with progressive peptides and flower stem cells from two other resilient flowers with similar efficacy to tackle collagen support in the skin from all angles.

These potent bioactives are also smaller molecule size, so they penetrate deeper into the skin, supporting collagen production and activating cellular rejuvenation on all layers of your skin: dermis and epidermis.

Orpheus Resurrection flower extract (Haberlea Rhodopensis)

The Resurrection flower extract, powerful polyphenols, stimulates skin’s firmness and recovery by building up collagen and elastin while protecting the newly rejuvenated skin from environmental stressors. This makes it an outstanding bioactive to turn back the clock on your skin, by helping it renew, replenish, and repair itself.

Professor Djilianov from the Biotechnology Institute in Bulgaria, who has been studying the plant for more than 20 years, explained the role of essential enzymes in the flower, linked to its amazing survival strategy. They protect the cell membranes from damage during environmental adversity and stimulate antioxidant skin defenses against water stress.

Recent studies have shown that the Resurrection flower extract stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis in the presence of oxidative stress (preventive activity) and after the stress phase (regenerating activity). Both activities were superior to retinol. It also demonstrated the ability to boost skin radiance by preventing brightness loss and intensifying light diffusion on the skin surface and deeper layers, resulting in luminous youthful skin.

Nicotiana flower tripeptide (Nicotiana Sylvestris)

The stem cells of this resilient plant are rich in sugars and tripeptides that protect and stimulate the skin. Studies prove its dramatic effect on collagen production and protection in the skin. The extract encourages the skin to increase DNA repair and longevity while shielding skin against oxidation.

Bengal coffee stem cells (Coffee Bengalensis)

All the benefits of coffee without caffeine! The Bengal coffee stem cells are cultured sustainably to produce a potent extract that acts independently on the three layers of the skin – locking in moisture in the epidermis, boosting collagen production and preventing its degradation in the dermis and preventing loss of fat in the cells for anti-sagging and re-plumping of the skin. The powerful stem cell extract provides long-lasting hydration and skin-firming effect, while boosting skin’s defense against free radical damage.

A key pillar in the future of skincare: Advancement in plant biotech

We’re constantly looking to innovate and improve the performance of our bioactives and our products. We recently partnered with a third-party lab – Innova BM, dedicated to producing innovative active ingredients based on plant stem cells. They are the first to develop a stem cell extract from the Orpheus Resurrection flower, which demonstrated a dramatic increase in skin hydration levels, elasticity, firmness and radiance. This is a tremendous leap in the development of plant stem cell science.

Our expertise lies in creating potent bioactives met with their advanced patent-pending biotech. Our approach is to sustainably cultivate plant stem cells with unparalleled potency.

According to the last consumer and research reports from RNCOS Business Consultant Services, the demand for plant stem cell technology is going to accelerate in the global cosmetic market, because it offers a cleaner and more sustainable approach to skincare.

Curious about something you just read? Feel free to reach out with questions! We’d love to hear from you. 

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