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RESURRECTION Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence
The super-fine perfume sprayer allows full coverage in only two to three spritzes. Skin Essence
Skin Essence 1 Orpheus
Skin Essence Orpheus Skincare
This multi-correctional silky skin essence is formulated like an active serum that replenishes, protects and adds an instant dewy glow. Skin gets a re-energizing burst of hydration, vitamin boost and an ultimate protection from harsh pollutants. And it’s super gentle—for all skin types.
Global Beauty & Wellness Award: Skin Essence Winner
Alle Award Winner: Skin Essence Orpheus
Best Clean Beauty Winner: Orpheus Skin Essence
RESURRECTION Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence

Our Quality Standards

Vegan Gluten Free No Animal Testing Clinically Tested Toxin Free Syntetical Free Mineral Oil Free Fragrance Free


Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence



WHAT IT IS: A moisture surge bi-phasic essence for instant skin revival. Formulated as a serum-in-a-mist for an energizing burst of deep hydration, daily vitamin boost, designed to multi-task it sets make up adding an instant dewy glow while protecting against pollution and blue light with each cloud-like spritz.

POWERED BY: Our Orpheus Flower Cell Peptide Complex®, dual weight hyaluronic acid, fermented biominerals that increase cellular oxygen uptake. Daily vitamin shot (C, E, B3, B5) evens skin tone over time.

BEST FOR: oily, normal and dry skin. 

For best result prep your skin with our Flora Balancing Rose Toner and follow with our All In One Serum


Our Quality Standards

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In clinical studies the essence proved to significantly improve immediate and long-term hydration in the skin.

Orpheus Skin: Full Ingredient List

Build Collagen.

Plump. Protect.


Our deep-penetrating proprietary complex made of antioxidants, powerful peptides, and botanical stem cells improves skin density by boosting natural collagen and elastin synthesis while shielding skin's surface from urban pollution.





Micro & macro molecules of HA, are able to hold 1000x their weight in water, fill in, and smooth fine surface lines. In combination with soothing and moisturizing bio-organic rose hydrosol, skin gets the intense and long-lasting multi-layer hydration it needs.




Probiotic ferment strengthens skin's natural defense system to maintain a healthy microbiome and increases cellular oxygen uptake. A potent blend of five essential bio-fermented minerals: zinc, iron, silicon, copper, and magnesium support cellular metabolism to help nourish, replenish, and restore the skin.






A potent vitamin burst of restoring antioxidants that reduce the appearance of lines and improve uneven skin tone is paired with a unique bioluminescent extract — a revolutionary plant bioactive that protects skin from photo-oxidative stress caused by UV blue light while also reflecting any light that reaches your skin, making it visibly more radiant.

Use anytime, anywhere to awaken, hydrate, and re-energize skin for a radiant complexion.
Use in the AM on clean skin for a daily vitamin shot and long-term hydration.
This essence mist is designed to set in makeup, adding instant glow.
Mist before you head out into the city for protection from impurities and pollution.


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Learn more about our Skin Essence

The Ultimate Skin Essence: ORPHEUS Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence

What sets ORPHEUS Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence apart in the crowded skincare scene? It's not just another step in your beauty routine; it's a transformative experience for your skin. The ORPHEUS Essence isn't just about hydration—it's a comprehensive treatment that hydrates, brightens, and revitalizes your skin with every use.

One of the standout features of ORPHEUS Skin Essence is it's all-in-one formula. This isn't a product that does just one thing; it tackles multiple skin concerns at once. Whether you're looking to add moisture, get a brighter complexion, or give your skin a boost of energy, ORPHEUS has you covered. It's like having a serum, moisturizer, and brightener all in one mist, making your skincare routine easier and more effective.

At the heart of its uniqueness is the Orpheus Flower Cell Peptide Complex®. This patented technology is what really makes ORPHEUS different from anything else out there. The complex is a blend of antioxidants, peptides, and botanical stem cells that work together to improve your skin's density. This means it helps your skin look firmer and smoother by boosting the natural production of collagen and elastin. Plus, it protects your skin from the harmful effects of pollution, which is essential for keeping your skin healthy in today's world.

Another key ingredient that sets ORPHEUS apart is the dual weight hyaluronic acid. This powerful hydrator comes in two sizes, allowing it to penetrate different layers of your skin for deep, lasting moisture. It works in tandem with bio-organic rose hydrosol, providing your skin with soothing hydration that feels light and refreshing.

ORPHEUS doesn't stop at hydration; it also includes a blend of Lactobacillus probiotic ferment and a bioactive fermented mineral complex. This combination strengthens your skin's natural defenses and boosts cellular metabolism, leaving your skin nourished and vibrant.

For those seeking a radiant glow and even complexion, this skin essence's vitamin cocktail (C, E, B3, B5) and bioluminescent extract are game-changers. These ingredients not only reduce the appearance of lines and improve skin tone but also protect against UV blue light, ensuring your skin looks bright and healthy.

Using ORPHEUS Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence is simple yet impactful. It can be used anytime to awaken, hydrate, and re-energize your skin. Perfect for setting makeup or protecting your skin before heading out, it's a versatile product that fits seamlessly into any skincare routine.

In a market filled with promises, ORPHEUS Skin Essence delivers real results. Its unique blend of scientifically backed ingredients and easy-to-use format make it a standout choice for anyone looking to enhance their skincare routine. With ORPHEUS, you're not just taking care of your skin; you're giving it a luxury experience that shows in the radiance and vitality of your complexion.

Try the ORPHEUS Difference Today

It's clear that skin essence is not just an extra step in your skincare routine; it's a crucial one. It brings a level of hydration and nourishment that other products can't match, preparing your skin to better absorb everything else you apply. This means your whole routine works more effectively, giving you the radiant, healthy-looking skin you're after.

Among the many options available, ORPHEUS Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence shines brightly. The clinical results speak for themselves, showing a significant boost in skin hydration and long-lasting moisture retention. These aren't just numbers on a page; they're a promise of what ORPHEUS Essence can do for you. Whether you're struggling with dryness, dullness, or just want to give your skin some extra love, ORPHEUS Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence is equipped to meet those needs.

So, if you're looking to elevate your skincare routine, why not give ORPHEUS a try? Experience the difference that deep hydration and powerful botanicals can make for your skin. It's a simple step that can have a big impact, not just on how your skin looks and feels, but on how you feel about the products you choose to use.

The Benefits of Using Skin Essence

Using skin essence is like giving your skin a daily mini spa treatment. It doesn't just sit on the surface; it goes deep, making sure your skin gets all the good stuff it needs to look its best. Here's what you can expect when you add this step to your skincare routine:

  • Enhanced Hydration: Imagine your skin like a sponge. A dry sponge doesn't absorb well, but once it's moist, it can soak up a lot more. Skin essence works similarly, drenching your skin with moisture, making it plump, soft, and full of life.
  • Improved Skin Texture: Regular use of essence can smooth out those tiny bumps and rough patches, making your skin feel silky. This is because the hydration and nutrients help to repair and refine the skin's surface over time.
  • Boost in Skin Brightness: Dull skin can make you look tired even when you're not. Essence helps to banish that dullness, replacing it with a radiant glow. It's like turning on a light inside your skin, making it look bright and awake.

But the benefits don't stop with just making your skin look and feel good. Essence also plays a crucial role in boosting the effectiveness of your other skincare products. Here's how:

Think of your skincare routine as a team, with each product having a specific role. The essence is the team player that makes everyone else better. By hydrating and prepping your skin, it ensures that whatever you apply next, whether it's serum or moisturizer, can be absorbed more efficiently. This means you get more bang for your buck with every product, as the essence helps your skin to welcome and make the most out of serums, creams, and anything else you use.

Who Should Use Skin Essence?

That's easy, the answer is straightforward: everyone. Yes, that's right. No matter what type of skin you have, adding an essence to your daily skincare routine can work wonders. But, let's break it down a bit to see who might benefit the most from this skincare step.

First, if you have dry skin, essence is like finding an oasis in a desert. Dry skin lacks moisture, which can lead to flakiness, tightness, and even cracking. An essence is packed with hydrating ingredients that dive deep into your skin to provide the much-needed moisture. It's like giving your skin a big drink of water every day, helping to keep it hydrated, soft, and smooth.

Then there are those of us with dull skin. If your skin looks more like a cloudy day than a sunny one, essence can help brighten things up. The hydration and nutrients in essence help to refresh and revitalize your skin, giving you that glowy look that makes you appear more awake and lively. It's like flipping on a light switch for your skin, making it look brighter and more vibrant.

But what if you have oily, combination, or sensitive skin? You might wonder if essence is right for you. The answer is yes. Essences are designed to be lightweight and absorb quickly, so they won't leave your skin feeling greasy or heavy. They can balance your skin's hydration levels, which is especially beneficial if you're oily or have combination skin. And for those with sensitive skin, essences often contain soothing ingredients that can help calm irritation and redness.

People with specific skincare concerns, like wanting more hydration or aiming for a brighter complexion, will find essences particularly helpful. They're a versatile product that can address a variety of needs, making them a great addition to almost anyone's skincare routine.

How to Incorporate Skin Essence into Your Routine

Adding skin essence to your daily routine is easy and takes just a minute, but the payoff can be huge. Here's a simple, step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of this skincare champion:

  1. Start with a Clean Face: Always apply skin essence on clean skin. Use your regular cleanser to wash away any dirt, oil, and makeup. This ensures that your skin is ready to absorb all the goodness from the essence.
  2. Apply Toner (Optional): If you use a toner, apply it before the skin essence. Toner helps to balance the skin's pH and remove any last traces of impurities, setting the stage for the essence.
  3. Dispense the Right Amount: You don't need a lot of essence to see benefits. Usually, a few spritzes are enough. 
  4. Pat It On: Instead of rubbing, pat the essence gently onto your face and neck with your hands. This method helps to stimulate circulation and ensures that the skin essence is absorbed well. Think of it as pressing the moisture and nutrients into your skin.
  5. Wait a Moment: Give the essence a minute to sink in before you move on to the next step. This brief pause allows your skin to fully absorb the skin essence, maximizing its benefits.
  6. Continue with Your Routine: Once the essence has been absorbed, you can proceed with applying your serum, moisturizer, or any other products you use. The essence helps prepare your skin to better absorb these products, making them more effective.