RESURRECTION Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence
RESURRECTION Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence
RESURRECTION Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence
RESURRECTION Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence
RESURRECTION Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence
RESURRECTION Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence


Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence

This multi-correctional silky essence is formulated like an active serum that replenishes, protects and adds an instant dewy glow. Skin gets a re-energizing burst of hydration, vitamin boost and an ultimate protection from harsh pollutants. And it’s super gentle—for all skin types. :)

Potent peptides, stem cells and antioxidants from our youth-restoring Orpheus Flower Cell Peptide Complex shield skin from pollution, while deep-penetrating dual hyaluronic acid provides lasting hydration. This powerful essence serum is like a vitamin shot for your face with an energizing vitamin cocktail (C, E, B3, B5) that improves uneven tone and refines pores. A unique bio-luminescent flower extract captures and reflects any light that reaches your skin, resulting in an instant glow with each softly dispersed cloud-like spritz.

For all skin types.
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Award winner for “Most Innovative Skincare Product 2020”
It fits in the exact sweet spot of what a mist should be with HA, antioxidant peptide complex, and Vitamins.
t is perfect for a midday pick-me-up of hydration.
It'll also protect your skin from pollutants, UV rays, and blue light damage.
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I loved it. I got compliments that my face looked moist, fresh, and dewy after using the mist. Loved the way it smelled. It's a great product!

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The mist was delightful! I really enjoyed the scent and it absorbed very quickly.

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I have never really used something like this before. I loved it. Made me feel like my face was fresh and dewy.

Orpheus Skin: Full Ingredient List

Build Collagen.

Plump. Protect.

Orpheus Flower Cell Peptide Complex ™: 

Our deep-penetrating proprietary complex made of antioxidants, powerful peptides, and botanical stem cells improves skin density by boosting natural collagen and elastin synthesis while shielding skin's surface from urban pollution.

Multi-Depth Hydration.

Dual Weight Hyaluronic Acid + Bio-Organic Rose Hydrosol

Micro & macro molecules of HA, able to hold 1000x its weight in water, fill in and smooth fine surface lines. In combination with soothing and moisturizing bio-organic rose hydrosol, skin gets the intense and long-lasting multi-layer hydration it needs.

Orpheus Skin: Full Ingredient List

Re-Energize. Replenish. 

Lactobacillus Probiotic Ferment + Bioactive Fermented Mineral Complex

Probiotic ferment strengthens skin's natural defense system to maintain a healthy microbiome and increases cellular oxygen uptake. A potent blend of five essential bio-fermented minerals: zinc, iron, silicon, copper, and magnesium support cellular metabolism to help nourish, replenish, and restore the skin.

Healthy Glow.

Even Complexion.

Vitamin Cocktail (C, E, B3, B5) + Bio-Luminescence:

A potent vitamin burst of restoring antioxidants that reduce the appearance of lines and improve uneven skin tone is paired with a unique bio-luminescent extract — a revolutionary plant bioactive that protects skin from photo-oxidative stress caused by UV blue light while also reflecting any light that reaches your skin, making it visibly more radiant.

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Use anytime, anywhere to awaken, hydrate, and re-energize skin for a radiant complexion.
Use in the AM on clean skin for a daily vitamin shot and long-term hydration.
This essence mist is designed to set in makeup, adding instant glow.
Mist before you head out into the city for protection from impurities and pollution.
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We’ve harnessed the purest extract and highest potency of the rare flower (Haberlea Rhodopensis) for our Orpheus Flower Cell Peptide Complex. Our cultivation of the flower is 100% sustainable — never harming the magical Ice Age relic or its natural habitat.


In an independent clinical study, our Resurrection Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence proved to provide immediate and long-term skin hydration for up to 24h.

Immediate boost in skin hydration after one use
of the users were able to retain skin's moisture levels
up to 24h after a single use of just 2 sprays.

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