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It’s no secret, I’m skincare OBSESSED! I genuinely enjoy testing and trying out new skincare products on the market— especially ones that are clean, and sustainable.

My skin is relatively healthy as I am thoughtful in the types of products I put on my skin and what I require in my skincare. Honestly, living in New York exposes you to all manner of elements- pollution and harsh weather, and I find that I need a stronger barrier to protect my skin. My skin type generally falls between oily and combination along with acne-prone sensitivities particularly on those days of the month where the skin just loves to act up!

So, let’s get into the breakdown of my 10-day challenge: 

THE RITUAL: Use the All-in-One serum in morning and night after cleansing and toning skin. Massage 1-3 pumps of the serum onto the face, neck, and décolleté for 10 days straight. No skipping days. No excuses.

Day 1 & 2  Initially, the first thing I noticed about the product was the packaging— a delightful cross between periwinkle and lavender blue. So uncomplicated and so beautiful– I love it. It’s modest yet sophisticated, giving off total spa-vibes. 

The serum had no smell, which pleased me as I know from experience that skincare products with fragrance are known to irritate the skin. It’s liquid in texture, and when applied, feels silky and smooth. It’s not sticky or tacky after application which shows that it is easily absorbed into the skin. 

Day 3 & 4  After the third day of using the serum, I noticed a subtle increase in hydration, which gave my skin a lovely glow. It gave the illusion of a filter when I looked in the mirror and I noticed that it minimized the appearance of scarring after breakouts, as well. I do suffer from hormonal acne and during the challenge, I had a few painful breakouts. I mean, you just know which ones are going to leave an awful scar no matter if you pick at them or not. Scarring normally takes weeks to fade especially for us darker melanin girls and I was pleased to find that my scarring was considerably less noticeable this time around and gradually faded completely. This is a MAJOR win as not all products promise to reduce dark spots and even skin tone.

Day 5 & 6  I began to notice a softer texture to my skin as the Hyaluronic acid truly lived up to its use and I felt no dryness even as my skin was continually exposed to the harsh cold of the outdoors. You notice the power of a product particularly in the morning after it’s been given the night to soak into your skin and I found that even after washing off the remnants, my skin still remained supple and bright. I want to point out that I used these products on their own and not under makeup to truly experience the benefits as solely skincare.

Day 7 & 8 - One of my favorite aspects of this product was it living up to its promise of evening skin tone and repair. The scarring from my hormonal acne continually faded and persistent acne that would normally take a while to disappear, healed within a matter of days.

Day 9 & 10  I truly enjoyed the product! I felt that it only further emphasized the brightness, clarity and firmness of my skin.

The Resurrection All-In-One Serum checks all the boxes

It boosts both Vitamins C + B3 for the antioxidants and brightening power the skin needs to mimic that inner glow. In addition to this, it also contains snow mushroom extract and Hyaluronic acid which is an essential ingredient in any topical skin care to keep the surface looking supple, youthful and baby-smooth. The Wild Indigo Adaptogen extract promises to acts as a stress repair agent that reduces redness and inflammation. The additional lactobacillus probiotic-ferment and bark extract is meant to protect against bacteria causing acne and minimize pore size.

If you’re on the lookout for a new age type of skincare, I recommend the Resurrection All-In-One serum to anyone needing a multi-tasking product that is clean, works, and gives a wonderful glow! After 10 days, I found that my skin looked healthier, brighter and that my blemishes faded considerably which is more than anyone can ask for from a single product! 

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