All electronic screen devices emit blue light—your smartphone, your computer, your tablets, and your TV screens. In the age of COVID-19 and remote work, it’s practically impossible to escape blue light. Because electronics are so embedded into our daily lives, it’s time we talked about how blue light affects our skin health and how you can keep your skin vibrant, glowing, and dewy.

Limiting the exposure to blue light

Like sunlight Ultraviolet (UV) rays, blue light contains High Energy Visible Light (HEV). In comparison to what the sun emits, what your devices emit is incredibly small. But what makes the difference is how often we check our devices, sit on them for work, and how close to our faces we keep them throughout the day.

Technically, UV rays and HEV rays are right next to each other on the wavelength spectrum. The blue light from the sun that includes UV and HEV can cause stress, dullness, signs of aging, and tired skin. While the sole HEV that your screens emit aren’t nearly as dangerous, they still have lasting effects on your skin. Some studies have also linked its effects to premature aging of the skin.

Since blue light essentially replicates sunlight, it has the power to influence your circadian rhythm –– but it’s not necessarily all bad. In fact, blue light can help elevate your mood and keep you awake as long as you’re consuming it during “daylight” hours. But blue light still poses a number of negative effects: Numerous studies have proven that blue light can interrupt your sleep cycle, cause restlessness and insomnia, damage your eyes, and in certain occasions, heighten depression.

How can we avoid that? Most devices have “night mode,” which essentially changes the light that your device emits. Turning on “night mode” brings out a definite yellow tint, counteracting the blue. While this isn’t cure-all, it can be very soothing on your skin, your eyes, and on your sleep cycle –– hence its name! There are also blue light protectors for your devices that can help you tame the HEV. Otherwise, leaving your computer on “night mode” is a great option too––even if it’s just for part of the day.

According to a Harvard Study, the best light to use at night is red—try using dim lights with red wavelengths, which basically means trying to eliminate the wavelengths that contain blue or green, or look for warmer tones, such as red, yellow, and magenta.

Finally, go the extra mile to protect your skin with the right skincare products. Antioxidants and bioactives counteract the HEV you’re exposed to as they help to soak up and neutralize the HEV. Take a look at your skin care routine to see what you’re missing.

Luminescine: A revolutionary bioactive that protects skin against blue light damage

Our Resurrection Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence works as a powerful bio shield against blue light, pollution, and UV damage, thanks to a very special bioactive: Luminescine, a unique bio-luminescent flower extract that captures and reflects light on your skin, resulting in an instant glow with each cloud-like spritz.

Lab studies on skin cells intended to measure skin radiance, the ingredient Luminescine showed a clear ability to absorb the ultraviolet and high radiation energy into visible light with lower energy and longer wavelength to decrease damage to your skin. It also acts as a strong protectant against photooxidative stress generated by UV radiation.

Throughout the clinical studies, protective properties of Luminescine were measured by using keratinocytes, the cells found in the outer layer of the epidermis. Their primary function is to form a barrier against environmental damage, including UV radiation, and water loss. In the study, the keratinocytes were exposed to direct UV light for sixty minutes and proved that Luminescine was able to reduce the light-mediated number of free radicals (uncharged molecules) generated by light exposure up to 59%.

Essentially, Luminescine bioactive improves the radiance of the skin through the transformation of UV rays into a source of visible light––which is what makes your skin have that vibrant glow. And because of its ability to transform harmful rays, it helps protect your skin from the negative impact of UV rays.

A two-step routine to protect your skin

Put your skin health first and feel better in every way. Not only is our Resurrection Bio-Luminous Essence great for fighting blue light, our Resurrection All-in-One Serum makes a perfect duo for a complete and minimalist skin care routine.

Using our two-step routine and reducing your exposure to blue light on a daily basis will visibly improve your skin and prevent the irritants, aging, and damage that everyone tries to avoid.


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