Can you share a bit about your personal journey in becoming a social activist and how sustainability became a central theme in your life?

Conscious values are part of my DNA. Both of my parents were amazing examples and I learned a lot from them. I grew up by the sea, immersed in nature, and I was always taught to respect the environment around me. The ocean has always been special to me; I’m even named after it. As a child, I remember learning about all of the threats the ocean is facing. It was devastating. At that point, I knew that sustainability and protecting the environment would be a central theme in my life. This definitely laid the foundation for my future work as an activist.

What inspired this decision and sparked your passion for environmentally conscious initiatives?

My journey toward activism began shortly after college when I started working as a model. I loved working in fashion, yet I strongly disagreed with a lot of what I saw from inside of the industry. At the time, sustainability and fashion were two separate worlds with very little overlap. I believed that they could–and should–coexist. I wanted to prove that you

can love and enjoy fashion without sacrificing your values, which led me to become an advocate for conscious consumerism.

Can you share a standout art project you've participated in that holds a special place in your heart?

#OneDressToImpress! It was my very first activation, and it marks a big turning point for me. I wore the same red suit for 60 days to stand up to overconsumption and the stigma of outfit repeating. I was still a young model at the time, so I was only just starting out in the fashion industry. That made it a risky move because it meant giving up working for two months, and I had no idea how it would be perceived. But I made the decision to stick true to my values despite the outcome. I documented my journey over those 60 days on instagram, restyling and rewearing the same suit every day. People started following along and challenging themselves to do the same, which was so cool to see. It showed me that the risk was worth the reward, and from then on I was committed to putting my values first and shaping my career around them.

What inspired the Green Room project?

#GreenRooms first began over quarantine. We were all stuck in our houses, and I started deeply considering the impacts of my home items and habits. I challenged myself to examine my house room by room to determine what conscious switches I could make to green up each space. We consume so much in our homes, and it’s so important to be educated about the sustainable alternatives we have available–whether that’s skincare products, cleaning products, clothes we wear, or food we eat. I relaunched #GreenRooms in 2023, when I moved into a new apartment in NYC. It was a blank slate, and I was determined to make it the greenest space I had lived in yet. I did the same exercise, examining my products, furnishings, and habits room by room to discover and share the conscious alternatives we have available.

Taking a deeper look into these subjects, I launched the #GreenRooms Interview Series, hosting experts and advocates from brands and organizations among the likes of Greenpeace, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, WWD, Davines, Fondazione Sozzani, and more. It’s a space for guests to elaborate on their work within the field, dig into topics and issues they’re passionate about, share details about their personal journeys to live more consciously, and offer advice to viewers who hope to do the same. I am particularly interested in using this platform to elevate women who are pushing sustainability forward. While I do interview men too, I truly believe that women are leading the way in this space and there is so much to learn from their perspectives.

Can you share practical tips for sustainable living?

Yes! There’s so many simple switches you can make: avoid single use plastics if possible, carry a reusable water bottle, research before you buy, choose products with are refillable or have conscious packaging, borrow or rent items that aren’t long-term investments, bring a reusable tote with you whenever you leave the house, and opt for public transportation if it’s available in your city.

When it comes to clothing, I love the “30 Wear Rule.” The idea is to ask yourself, “Will I wear/use this at least 30 times?” before you buy something new. If the answer is yes, go for it! If not, the purchase probably isn’t worth it.

In your opinion, what are three simple yet impactful things that everyone can easily incorporate into their lives to promote sustainability?

Educate yourself about the products you use, their ingredients, and the impacts they may have. Simplify how much you consume by only buying things you truly need or love. Only throw things away as a last resort; ask yourself if something can be reused, recycled, repurposed, or donated before tossing it into the bin.

How do events like National Recycling Day contribute to awareness?

Events like National Recycling Day are amazing opportunities to educate yourself and others. I truly believe that education is key to change, especially when it comes to younger generations. Teaching them about conscious choices and values early in life is so important, and days like this are great occasions to do so.

From your perspective, why is sustainability important, and what positive impacts can it bring to our lives and the world? How does it improve our daily experiences?

In the face of the climate crisis, sustainability is more important than ever. This crisis affects us all, even if we’re privileged enough not to see the consequences every day. Conscious solutions are essential in the grand scheme of things. On a smaller scale, it genuinely feels good to live responsibly. Being informed, choosing to reduce your impact, and making choices you’re proud of greatly improve your daily experiences. Every effort is significant, even if you start with just a few simple switches.

What specifically about ORPHEUS resonated with you, and what motivated your choice to collaborate with us?

I love your brand values and minimalist approach. I am also so intrigued by your ingredients, the Resurrection Flower in particular. I was amazed when I learned about its resilience through the harshest conditions dating back to the Ice Age, and its ability to to survive the stress of complete dehydration for years and then spring back to a lush state with a single drop of water. It is an incredible testament to the power of plants, proving how potent natural ingredients can be.

Can you share which products are the essential staples in your skincare routine, and what makes them indispensable for you?

The Resurrection Serum Slip Cleanser is one of my favorites! I don’t wear a lot of makeup, so this is the perfect cleanser for me. It removes all my makeup, so I don’t have to rely on another product for that, and it leaves my skin feeling fresh, light, and hydrated. The All in One Serum is also amazing. I carry it with me throughout the day and apply it whenever my face feels dry. It’s great to travel with, and I always find myself using it on airplanes. It’s very subtle and doesn’t weigh your skin down at all, it just leaves you hydrated and glowing.

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