Ceramides are essentially the glue that holds skin cells together to keep our skin barrier intact. They’re fats or lipids that form up to 40% of the outer skin layer to build its protective barrier. Ceramides are au natural, found in our bodies. The healthy skin barrier that ceramides help us build, seals in moisture and weeds out impurities so that we can get our best glow on.

Low ceramide levels are linked to conditions like dry skin, compromising the dermal barrier which causes loss of moisture and nutrients. Low levels of these lipids are also the culprit of a band of three that we don’t want to see: acne, eczema, and rosacea.

But no need to fret, we’ve got your solution in a bottle.

The science of ceramides

Ceramides have quite a few unique properties, one being they’re one of the most hydrophobic lipids found in membranes (meaning they don’t like water). Despite this, they’re made up of two different parts — one part can’t stand water, the other part is water’s biggest fan. This structure makes it so that the parts that dislike water face each other, and the parts that adore water sit on the outside, helping to form the protective barrier of our skin, keeping moisture inside.

These lipids help structure and maintain the water permeability barrier function of the skin (which gives our skin a priceless, youthful glow). When ceramides gear up with a team of other lipids, they work together to form structures that help block of germs from getting into our bodies. They’re the G.I. Joe of skincare!

Certain skin disorders are linked to low levels of ceramide. Armoring up by adding ceramide products to your skincare routine is the fix.

What is a lipid barrier?

The layers of our skin perform important functions in protecting our bodies. The outermost layer is called the stratum corneum. This layer is so strong that it’s often described as a brick wall composed of strong skin cells called corneocytes. These superhero strength skin cells are bound together by hydrophobic lipids. These lipids work to strengthen and maintain the hydration of this epidermal barrier like it’s their job (because it is).  

The inside of skin cells, or “bricks,” is the home to keratin and natural moisturizers. This lipid layer contains the trifecta: cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides. Without these moving parts, the barrier of our skin becomes weak, causing our skin to become dehydrated and cracked.

This anatomical masterpiece of a thin brick wall is what keeps us alive. Without it, harmful environmental toxins and pathogens would have carte blanch to penetrate our skin and cause chaos in our bodies. Not only that, without our skin barrier, the water inside of our bodies would say ‘adios’ and evaporate, leaving us completely dehydrated.

Our skin barrier is essential for our health and needs to be cared for to function properly. Ceramides are the magic key as they boost predominant lipids which make for healthy, glowing skin.

Strengthen your skin’s barrier – keeping microbes at bay.

Believe it or not, your skin is the home to around one trillion bacteria from upwards of one thousand different bacteria — living, rent-free! But don’t worry, this is good! That’s where ceramides get to work; they jack up our skin with high levels of protection to keep dirt and bad bacteria from clogging our pores.
According to a recent study, these microorganisms may play a role in priming your skin cells to respond to several stressors.

While ceramides are invisible to the naked eye, they do so much work as the powerful living layer that protects your skin.

  • Lock in moisture, so you don’t have to settle for dry, flaky skin.
  • Strengthen the skin to be more tolerant of active ingredients.
  • Signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Smooth skin texture and complexion.
  • Decrease redness and inflammation of the skin.

New product to the rescue!

FINALLY! Our new barrier-strengthening hero – the Resurrection Bio-Shield Cream is here! This made-for-you moisturizer is here to replenish, restore, and regenerate your skin with a high level of cutting-edge bio-ceramides - identical to the ones found in human skin.

Derived through 100% clean biotechnology, our innovative ceramide complex in active levels penetrates deep into the skin to seal in moisture for all-day hydration, and protection from dryness and irritation.

Pick your process: our latest product should be used as a daily or nightly moisturizer and even an overnight leave-on mask. Using our cream works any time to seal in your favorite serum. At night it can work overtime as a revitalizing mask; applying two layers to wake up with restored, smooth, soft skin (and the priceless confidence that comes with a clear complexion).

CLINICALLY PROVEN: See the results for yourself in 7 days.

Research has shown that skincare products with anti-inflammatory and penetration-enhancing agents can improve the absorption of ceramides in your skin, relieve skin conditions, and restore the foundations of skin health. The Resurrection Bio-Shield Cream can help you achieve that. All our ingredients support one another in boosting you to reach the glow you’re after.

The ORPHEUS Flower Cell Peptide Complex® is a star ingredient in our moisturizer — it boosts the effects of ceramides. Lab studies on cells show that it boosts natural collagen and elastin synthesis while shielding the skin's surface from environmental stressors and UV oxidation.

In clinical studies, our bio-ceramide complex showed dramatic results in boosting the immediate and long-term moisturization by 42% in 7 days, as well as significant water retention capacity. Up to 6 days after last being treated with the bio-ceramide complex, the skin was able to maintain its moisture levels and the loss of hydration within this period occurred much slower.

Paired with a cutting-edge anti-pollution complex, the Resurrection Bio-Shield Cream works double duty in protecting the lipid barrier decreasing the damage of pollution-induced oxidation in the epidermis by 21%, thus preserving and maintaining the structure and healthy function of the skin.


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