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I’m going back to blogging because I’m seriously missing writing here. I have several drafts waiting for the right moment, posts with details about the home (yes, I didn’t forget that I promised to tell you every tiny detail), but for now, I would rather offer you more useful information. I hope you enjoy it!

I had an unexpected meeting in Bulgaria with an amazing brand – ORPHEUS. A brand that was born from the myth of Orpheus and his beloved Eurydice. Mix their magical story with  the way in which nature and technology can merge together and you get the inspiration behind the brand. At the end of last year I showed you on Instagram stories the brand for the first time when I just started to test its products. The brand’s inspiration comes from the Orpheus flower (you may have heard it also as the Rhodope Silivryak / Haberlea rhodopensis), also known among herbalists as a “resurrection flower.” This is not a fortuitous name because it has been proven by scientists that the flower can withstand for 31 months (there are even reports of 10 years) without water and return to its original form under more favorable conditions.

You can find the flower mostly in the Rhodope Mountains, in north-facing rocky habitats. The Orpheus flower is even included in the Red Book of protected plant species in Bulgaria. In laboratories, ORPHEUS and their team of scientists grow plant stem cells in a controlled, chemical-free environment where they can be stimulated to produce higher levels of their active substances. Thus, they use pure ingredients without harming the skin or causing damage to the environment. Their clean products are the real deal. 

My first time using ORPHEUS products was back in November when they kindly sent them for me to try out - which was perfect timing because my skin was in desperate need of hydration. I started using the Resurrection Аll-in-One Serum as an evening skin treatment in combination with their spray serum, Resurrection Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence during the day and on top of makeup.

My skin absorbed both products in just seconds. Imagine you pour a glass of water on the dusty ground in the desert and in just seconds, it completely disappears. That is seriously what my experience was like with these products.

After a short period of consistent usage of the Resurrection All-in-one Serum, less and less of the product was needed. Apparently my skin was seriously improving and enjoying long-lasting hydration. It looked healthier, felt super soft and was juicy from getting such deep hydration!

The products in combination give you an instant feeling of moisture and it’s visible on the face itself. Skin looks more juicy and fresh. After prolonged and constant use you may even notice a slightly smoothing anti-age effect. I noticed that some of my facial wrinkles were reduced after I completed use of my first bottle of the serum.

I have found that the essence serum spray can also be used to fix and set makeup (it’s also active but in the form of a moisturizing mist - not as intensive as the serum) and it offers an instant glow effect. The serum, besides it’s amazing job as a night therapy mask, is a great primer before makeup as it blends perfectly with foundation, doesn’t make the face extra greasy, and you get to have another dose of the product during the daytime. What I love about this brand is that it doesn't have strong scents that irritate - super fresh and almost completely unscented. It’s the best. I think I’ll give my mom a bottle of the serum because they recommend it for all skin types, she has oily skin and I’m curious how she will feel about the products.

ORPHEUS won me over with a good product inspired from Bulgaria with a vision that left me with the feeling that this is the best product for me to purchase - the best for my skin and for the environment. I like that ORPHEUS will not be widely available in stores, it’s a boutique brand that is rare, just like the flower that inspired its creation. ORPHEUS skincare is not manufactured on a large-scale with high consumer rates, everything takes time to ensure integrity in their process. They only have two products at this stage but I will let you know as soon as they launch any new products! 

I will follow this story as it unfolds and keep you posted on any new magic that they have blooming for your skin!

Curious about something you just read? Feel free to reach out with questions! We’d love to hear from you. 

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