In her blog, spatial designer and freelance stylist Sirma Markova, shares her personal aesthetics, style, inspiration and lifestyle and her love for fashion while allowing us to get a glimpse of her design fascinating design work.

"I believe that nothing is more attractive than fresh-looking skin with a healthy glow and a smooth texture with an even complexion. Unfortunately, I naturally have what many call “problematic skin”—it takes a lot of work for me to maintain a good complexion. So, I’m always on the hunt for new skincare products that can improve my complexion and get my skin closer to the dream vision of "no makeup needed.”

"After using Orpheus products for more than a month now, I am ready to share my impressions and feelings. The active, light-weight Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence  is the product that won me over with the first spray! It has a delicate rose-scent refreshes instantly and revives skin. It feels like light morning mist drops falling on my face, making my skin glow and feel instantly softer. It visibly refreshes your look and feels like a delicate, light silk veil upon your face."

"I love light textures that don’t feel heavy on top of my skin but at the same time the importance of having my skin moisturized for several hours. For those of you who have oily skin, I am sure you understand. I especially like the feeling of skin density (firmness) that you see and feel after using the Resurrection All-In-One SerumYou can feel it almost immediately right after a single application! I feel my skin become more elastic, plump, and firmer, and the fine lines are softened instantly. I like to mix it with my foundation—it gives an extra light glossy finish to the skin, and it seems to blend the foundation better, giving the application a more natural appearance."


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