Macy is a passionate travel blogger, a wanderer obsessed with the world, attaining the passion for creating. She's a skincare lover who has been struggling with big pores and overly dry skin for the last two years. She's sharing her personal experience from using our serums.

The Resurrection Serum set is what everyone should try this winter! Both of these products have become precious to me. Within a week, I saw a difference in my skin. This is the combo I have been looking for: a multi-functional all-in-one serum with a refreshing, dewy essence spray to keep my skin hydrated.
The serum keeps my skin firm, color corrected with depletion of dark spots, and most of all: CLEAN! Even applying it to my skin is an experience! It feels so light and luxurious, almost like applying silk to your face. I like to use it at night and ever since I've been waking up to a firmer, more elastic, bouncy skin and a fresh glowy look!


What I like most after a long day is to take off my makeup and feeling clean. After I wash and moisturize, I’ve been using the Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence - it is so light and refreshing. My skin gets an energizing heap of hydration along with a Vitamin C boost. It masks and coats the skin for ultimate protection from daily pollutants.

For the past week, I have seen such a difference and have been raving about these two products to all of my friends!


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