Self-care and sustainability are both of growing importance in today’s world—both for the health and longevity of our planet and for your overall individual wellness. The good news is that it’s easy to take care of your body and our planet when it comes to your daily skincare routine.

Here at ORPHEUS, sustainability drives our entire process. From naturally sourcing our ingredients, to choosing safe and recyclable packaging, to creating biocompatible and youth-restoring products, we’ve created a skincare mantra that promotes resilience, radiance, and protection for your skin and for the environment.

Here are some tips on how a sustainable skincare routine can support your skin and your planet.

1.Shop clean. Choose sustainably produced, biocompatible ingredients.

Get to know your ingredients. Natural versus synthetic has been debated for a long time—but remember that just because an ingredient is synthetic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad for your skin. For instance, many synthetic ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and stem cells, are scientifically created in lab conditions using clean biotech scientific methods, in which no synthetic biproducts are accumulated in the bioactive. This advancement in science and biotechnology has made it possible to create incredible, high-tech bioactives that are safe, biocompatible, and work in harmony with the skin, without disrupting its functions.

Synthetic ingredients that are considered toxic (and we strongly believe they are!) are: phthalates, artificial fragrances, dyes, and many more. Synthetic ingredients and perfume fragrances are often used to elevate the experience of the product, and artificial preservatives are meant to keep the formula stable over time. They are not biocompatible in any way. Both U.S. and European standards of safety allow their usage in a certain dosage range. But don’t be fooled — no matter how small their dosage, synthetic additives are hard to process by the skin cells as they are not biocompatible, and the body will struggle to eliminate them from your skin. This causes them to accumulate and have a long-term effect on the skin by disrupting its microbiome. Prolonged usage of chemical-laden products can cause overall skin sensitivity to other products and to environmental factors, such as well as redness  or skin conditions.

HINT: There are a few apps out there that you can download to help you dive into the world of ingredients when you’re browsing the aisle. It’s an easy way to check if some that we can’t even pronounce are clean and safe! We recommend the Think Dirty app—it offers a wonderful amount of detail on ingredients. Plus, all you need to do is scan a product bar code and the app will reveal a “Dirty Meter” on the product and offer suggestions for healthier alternatives. Other great apps include EWG Healthy Living (check out their online Skin-Deep database of products and ingredients) and CosmEthics.

2. You’re safe with us!

Healthy, glowing look doesn’t have to come at the price of your skin’s health. Our belief is that safe and sustainable skincare is the key to radiant, resilient skin without introducing toxins and artificial ingredients into your body. We use only the purest high-quality bioactives that are biocompatible with your skin as it recognizes them and responds to them naturally.

By banning over 5,000 known toxic ingredients, our products far exceed the European safety standards. As you shop for your perfect, sustainable skincare routine, keep this list handy—and avoid any products that have these ubiquitous ingredients, as we believe they are often found at the root of most skin issues. Best to stay away!

By debunking the myth that “natural ingredients don’t work,” we’re proudly revolutionizing skincare, merging the gap between nature and technology in a harmonious way. Our mission is to deliver powerfully pure skincare with visible youth-restoring results — without harming your skin or the environment.

Our innovative products are made for all skin types, using clean, safe ingredients that work in harmony with your body’s natural processes—not against them. One of our most powerful natural ingredients is the Orpheus Flower Cell Peptide Complex, cultivated 100% sustainably without harm to the flower or its natural habitat. This natural complex is the foundation of our skincare line, including our Resurrection Bio-Luminous Essence, which shields skin from pollution while deep-penetrating dual hyaluronic acid provides lasting hydration. Choosing products that work with your body’s natural processes doesn’t just keep you healthy—it’s also the kindest choice for our environment.

3. Your packaging matters.

It’s more than just the products. We take pride in using the world’s first patented Italian GLASS airless technology for our products. Airless glass helps products maintain their shelf-life while eliminating risks of oxidization and outside contamination. The glass bottle comes with a thin pouch made of recycled plastic, already inserted in the container, to allow for easy filling.

As you use the product, the pouch shrinks until the last drop is pumped out. Air is prevented from penetrating the bottle by an eco-lock pump. This innovative airless GLASS technology also allows for 100% responsible recycling as the glass can be separated from the plastic pouch inside.

4. Streamline your routine.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. At ORPHEUS, we believe that less is more. Our mission is to minimize artificial, non-sustainable ingredients while maximizing your natural radiance and the healthy, balanced feel of rejuvenated skin. In 2020, minimalist approach to life and skincare became increasingly popular. And it’s now booming—‘skinmalism is the new hype in the industry.

The concept of “less is more” is a driver to creating our multi-tasking products. Our multi-correctional stem cell skincare is perfectly designed for modern living simplifying your routine while maximizing results with fewer products that do more work for you.

Our Resurrection All-In-One Serum transforms the overall complexion and texture of even the most tired and stressed skin, making the most of your body’s natural abilities to stimulate collagen synthesis and activate DNA repair for a replenished, radiant appearance.

Ready to start building your sustainable skincare routine? Shop our collection. And keep this list of toxic ingredients handy if you opt to head to the store!


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