Inspired by the transformative powers of the rare Resurrection Flower and activated by biotechnology. Skin is reborn.



ORPHEUS skincare is a family-owned company from Bulgaria, the native country of the rare Orpheus flower. Integrity, quality, transparency, and mindfulness are at the heart of everything we do and create. Thank you for choosing clean, sustainable skincare for your daily ritual.

We believe sustainability can be sexy, and feel good! We believe in uncompromising, uncomplicated skincare tailored for the modern minimalist. We’ve created modern-day skincare magic with an ancient botanical and innovative biotechnology. We’re both proud and humbled by the awards that we have won along this beautiful journey:


Sara’s story begins in the mystical far-away land of Bulgaria — where potent herbs, resilient flowers, and mythical forest creatures inhabit its verdant mountains. From an early age, this inspirational place infused Sara with a deep passion for all that is magical in the natural world. Her curiosity for the powers of botanicals would lead her into the realm of science-based, plant-powered skincare.

Sara collaborated with an expert team of scientists who had accomplished decades of research on the rare flower. Sara, along with this passionate team, connected with the world’s leading biotechnology experts in plant stem cells where they used biotechnology to sustainably produce the high-efficacy skincare now known as, ORPHEUS. By creating bioactive, potent yet gentle, and clinically effective skincare, Sara was able to heal her skin.


We never use harmful ingredients like parabens, artificial fragrance, phthalates, toxins, or synthetics—ever. And that’s a promise.

Sustainably Produced

Sustainable ‘green science’ is at the heart of our skincare. We proudly use biodegradable packaging and recyclable glass bottles.

Clean Non-Toxic Ingredients

Only bioactive, natural, naturally-derived, organic when possible, and bio-compatible ingredients that work in harmony with your sweet skin.

Stable Formulas

Only stable skincare formulas can live up to their promises. Our highly concentrated bioactive formulas are always stable and high-performance to support your skin’s overall health and radiance.

Sensitive Skin-Compatible

We’re sensitive, so we understand you may be sensitive, too. We do not use any essential oils or irritants in our formulas. ORPHEUS is for all skin types. 


Orpheus is merging the gap between nature and technology in a harmonious way. Our commitment to clean ingredients and sustainability ensures that we create age management skincare that really works — without harming your skin or causing damage to the environment.

We are committed to raising the bar of clean skincare with each of our cellular rejuvenating products.

Be part of our skincare revolution.


Harsh chemicals, fillers and gnarly preservatives are hidden in most skincare — and we are not having any of it.

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