The skin’s microbiome (or “skin flora”) is an ecosystem made up of billions of microorganisms that live on your skin. Understanding this ecosystem can help guide you to taking the absolute best care of your largest organ. Maintaining a healthy balance between “good” and “bad” bacteria can be significantly benefited from incorporating probiotic-rich skincare.

Probiotics play a huge role in promoting skin health by preventing infections while wearing many other hats.

While probiotics are a powerful force of nature on their own, they work even more diligently with the help of prebiotics and postbiotics. Prebiotics act as fertilizers that stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria while helping to balance the pH of the skin.

Postbiotics, on the other hand, are the magical result of using probiotics. These bioactive compounds produced in the fermentation process work to reinforce the skin’s microbiome. They can also penetrate the epidermis so they can be directly used by skin cells to strengthen their biological functions.

This dynamic trio works together to give our skin’s microbiome a glow-up and keep inflammation, redness, and irritation at bay.


Back to the ingredient of the hour: probiotics.

 9 Reasons Why We Love Probiotics:

  • Using topically will create an optimal environment (think five-star resort on your skin) for the good microorganisms, swinging the balance in our favor against zit-causing bacteria. 
  • By inducing the production of healthy ceramides, probiotics restore healthy fats which can reduce acne. 
  • Probiotics can speed up the repair process that occurs naturally in the cells – damaged by internal and external stressors. 
  • Optimizing moisture levels and enhancing cellular renewal, which in turn improves the epidermal integrity and skin’s barrier function. 
  • According to Dr. Whitney Bowe, a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City, there is compelling evidence showing probiotics promise for treating rosacea by strengthening the skin barrier. 
  • Bowe also mentions there is evidence showing probiotics may help build collagen, slowing our skin’s aging process. The use of probiotics in skin care can help minimize the appearance of fine lines while improving skin tone and elasticity for superior anti-aging results. 
  • They keep inflammation at bay which helps even out complexion, reducing redness. 
  • Can diminish scarring with consistent application. They are so powerful that they can even protect and help heal wounds

Meet the Probiotic Hero

Lactobacillus bulgaricus is perhaps the most popular of all probiotic species. Lactobacillus bulgaricus is also a species of bacteria that is used to ferment yogurt.

In the food industry, yogurt is arguably the most popular vector for probiotics in the United States.

Lactobacillus Bulgaricus is a friendly probiotic that lives throughout our bodies, even in our gut — it’s also the bacterium that ferments yogurt. In skincare, it works to calm your tissue and alleviate dryness, redness, and other discomforts in your skin. In the same way that a probiotic supplement can help digestion and correct discomforts, Lactobacillus works in skincare. This hero works to help balance our skin’s pH and fight off infections.

To recap, this probiotic ferment strengthens the skin's natural defense system to maintain a healthy microbiome by forming a protective shield. Lactobacillus improves the skin’s barrier function to reduce acne and redness, improving overall complexion.

Let our Probiotic-Powered Serums Work Their Magic

 When it comes to keeping your microbiome balanced and full of good probiotics, our potent serum duo: the  All-in-One Resurrection Serum and the Bio-Luminous Dewy Resurrection Essence, do just that. With both containing the Lactobacillus Bulgaricus probiotic ferment, our power couple is all you need for healthy, radiantly looking skin. Your daily ritual just leveled up.

Our All-in-One Resurrection Serum uses this powerful Bulgarian fermented probiotic known for its extraordinary anti-inflammatory and soothing benefits builds a protective shield around our skin. Paired with the Wild Indigo adaptogen – this is the perfect blend for calming stressed skin, reducing redness, and increasing your overall skin health and radiance.

To complement the effect of this two-step ritual for glowing skin – the Lactobacillus Bulgaricus ferment in our Bio-Luminous Dewy Essence works to strengthen the skin's natural defense system maintaining a healthy microbiome and increasing cellular oxygen uptake.

These products do the work, so you don’t have to. You can just get out and glow!



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