There are filters, photoshop, face and body altering apps, and there’s also your beautiful skin au natural. The latter, unfortunately, hasn’t been getting much love over the years. Well, until now. What’s trending in skincare is a little something called, “skin minimalism.” It’s actually what you may assume that it iswearing your skin in all of its glory (even allowing blemishes to shine through!). Less makeup, all-in-one products, and a lot more skin. Are you up for it?

Less is more

When you smear layers of foundation, blush, bronzer, and a melange of moisturizers all over your face, it makes it super difficult for your skin to breathe! Furthermore, more products, more problems as I like to say. Not only will over-usage of products cause skin irritation, clog pores, and create uneven skin tone, it also takes a toll on the environment. Say it with meplastic bottles go into the ocean. The less bottles being used, the less of a chance it will encounter a cute baby sea turtle. A win for your skin, a win for the planet! Now that’s a trend we can all get down with.

Fresh-faced, natural, glowing, dewy, radiant skin! Why would you want to put layers of makeup on top of that? And yes, YOU CAN achieve skin that makes the angels sing (or close to it?) with a minimal skincare ritual, using clean products that nourish and hydrate your skin. Celebrity dermatologist Dr Jamuna Pai says, “Skin’s basic function is to act as a protective barrier. Loading it with too many products or using them in excess, may disrupt the barrier.” It’s key to strip your routine down to the essentials. Stick with the products that will support your skin’s overall health and appearance. 

Skin Minimalism How-To

Start by applying a toner or mist on clean skin. Using a mist at the beginning and end of our regime locks in moisture and also acts as a primer and makeup setting spray. Our Bio-luminous Dewy Essence is a serum-in-a-mist that offers a vitamin shot (C, E, B3, B5), protection from UV + blue light, and leaves you with a luminous glow (say goodbye to your highlighter or shimmer makeup!). 

Next, apply your favorite serum. If you have sensitive skin, know that the Resurrection All-In-One Serum was formulated with you in mind! This magical and potent serum is seriously for all skin typesand the results are fast and visible. It reduces fine lines, evens tone, naturally boosts collagen production, and offers lasting hydration. And it comes in a recyclable glass bottle! Remember, it’s all about the all-in-ones when it comes to skin minimalism.

After you’ve applied your mist and serum, you can add a cream or SPF if you use one in your daily regimen. At this stage, if you’re using non-toxic, lightweight products, your skin should feel hydrated (not suffocated) and should have a nice glow.

If you feel that you still want a bit of ‘extra’, go for a mineral bronzer on your cheek bones and an all-natural tinted lip balm for a touch of color. Still too minimal for you? Go ahead and bring some meow to those eyes with a little top liner. 

When you feel your best minimal self, mist one last time to lock in your look and keep that hydration and glow going!

Do you hear that? It’s the angels singing! See, I told you that you could achieve radiant, glowing skin without all the hoopla! Skin minimalism is trending and we couldn’t be happier. Less is more in this world of too-much-stuff. You want to look radiant, the sea turtles want to swim free, and there is absolutely a way for all of that to happen. So strip down your skincare routine and keep on showing that beautiful skin off, lovely! It looks good on you. 

About the Author

Alicia Henry of ORPHEUS is a wellness advocate, writer, poet, and total skincare aficionado who wants to see the world of skincare become good for people and the planet. 

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